Most hire prices are for up to 3 days but if items are not already rebooked and you need another day or so its usually alright as long a you let us know - please read terms and conditions below before hiring. You can book by Email, phone, text or Facebook. No deposit needed, full payment to be made by cheque a week before or  by bank transfer, paypal or cash any time up to or on day of collection or delivery.

Deliveries: We deliver any items free within Yeovil. Outside of town we charge £1.50 for every mile away, therefore if delivery is 20 miles away cost is £30. This includes a return journey to collect.

Deliveries over 10 miles £60 minimum order value

Deliveries over 25 miles £100 minimum order value


  HIRE PRICES              

Chair covers 65p each, with a white sash 89p each, 40 different coloured sashes available with a chair cover 99p

Bay tree in zinc pot, available individually £18.00 as a pair £24.00 with or without bow and lights

Giant light up LOVE letters £95.00 (These have to be delivered collection not available due to size)

Pair of full size cream milk churns 71cm tall (watertight for flowers) £18.00 each or £32 pair

Full size galvanised churns £15 each(10 gallons)

Antique (dark) milk churn £15.00

Mini milk churns £1.00 each

Rustic wedding seating/table plan £15.00 with an easel £29.00

Wooden table plan with zinc pots up to 10 tables £10.00

Vintage washstand £18.00

Lemonade stand, two x 2 gallon containers and ladles £45.00 extra punchbowl if needed (*add your own lemonade or drinks)

Glass 2 gallon lidded containers £5.00 each

Wooden stand and frame top for kissing booth £45.00 (Add your own decorations)

Wooden stand (base only) for rustic bar, dessert table or popcorn bar DIY (116cm wide  x 98cm tall) £30.00

White metal wedding shepherds crooks (100cm tall) £3.00 each or 10 for £20.00

Crate of vintage skittles £25.00

Royal mail style post boxes ( Red or white)  £29.00 each

American style mail box for wedding cards £10.00

Small (20cm tall) wooden LOVE letters £5.00

Vintage typewriter prop £8.00

Chunky wooden tea light holders £1.00 each (tea lights not included)

Birch bark tea light holders £1.00 each (tea lights not included)

Large white carved wooden easel (160cm tall with 55cm wide ledge) £22.00 Two now available

Vintage wooden easel £15.00

One oak wine barrel (94cm tall) £24.00 Two oak barrels £45.00 Two barrels and 8 foot top for bar £49.00

Zinc drinks chiller 4 foot long £12.00

Small old barrel (approx. 58cm tall) £10 (with an 18" Perspex top if required for wedding cake)

Barrel with “cards” bunting£9.00

Wedding signs, hire individually

Pair of giant wicker hearts 51cm wide £6.00

Small White folding steps £6.00

Large white shabby step ladders £18.00 each £35.00 pair with top support £40.00 (Ladder arch is approx. 220cm wide and 185cm tall when assembled

Medium white steps £9.00 with LOVE ladder decorations £18.00

Old black delivery bicycle with baskets £45.00

Old wooden window £10 each (glass pens supplied) or  with an easel £32.00

Vintage books hire 3 books for £1.00

Vintage white drawer unit 132cm wide, makes a great desert table or drinks station £20.00 with glass cake stands and wood slices £30.00 (2 available)

Vintage white small drawer unit £10.00

Wood slice £2.00 each Extra large £4.00

Rustic horseshoes £1.00 each (for centrepieces)

Rustic table centrepiece DIY £1.00 per item

Mini bunting, any 2 for £1.00

Wooden crates, set of six ranging from 20cm to 47cm long £9.00

Apple crates £5.00 each or 5 for £20.00

Cake stands:         

Vintage “silver” £25.00 each         

Glass and diamante £9.00                       

Trunk stand (must be used with Perspextop) for cakes £12.00            

Crate £10.00       

Extra Large wood slice £4.00              

Cupcake display £18.00


Please read before hiring any items

  1. All items are for hire for the time agreed and remain the property of wedding and event hire Yeovil
  2. The person hiring any items is entirely responsible for them and not third parties or venues. Any security fee will be returned when goods are received back undamaged
  3. Proof of ID and address required by hirer
  4. Don't put food directly onto any of the wood slices, crates or stands, use a cake board, greaseproof paper or Perspex if provided. Cupcake stands are for cupcakes only and not doughnuts
  5. All items are to be returned in the packaging supplied
  6. Wedding and event hire Yeovil is not responsible for any harm done to persons or Property by the misuse of our items
  7. We do not hire candles and if used with our hire items it is at the hirers risk
  8. Hirer is responsible to check that any surfaces our hire items are placed on are suitably weight bearing and that heavy items may need more than one person to lift also old wood sometimes contains splinters so be aware before handling
  9. The bicycles are for display only, not for riding, the step ladders are for display and not for use
  10. Any breakages, damages or lost items will be charged at replaceable retail price..